About Penholders


Penholder is the main tool we need to have for writing, and how to choose the suitable one?

For right-handed students, oblique penholders are ideal to get the correct slant in writing. My main considerations are:
1) correct flange angle
2) nice coating to keep it from ageing/dissolving; and
3) good balance of the pen weight so that it is comfortable for prolonged writing.

Recommended penmakers:
1. Brian Smith (https://uniqueoblique.com/);
2. Heather Victoria Held (email request to heather@heathervictoriaheld.com); and
3. Master Penman Michael Sull (email request to penmanmichaelsull@gmail.com).

For left-handed students, both straight penholders and left-handed oblique penholders are good choices. Or you can simply change the direction of placing the practice papers.

Using straight penholders have a slightly different effect on how we apply pressure to the nibs compared to that of oblique penholders. I would recommend oblique penholder for the practicing of Engrosser's script.