Private Class

Introduction to Copperplate (English Roundhand / Engrosser's Script)

Beginner level class for 8 hours. Basic knowledge in pointed nib script, materials, writing skills, upper & lowercases, sentences. 

You can choose either English Roundhand or Engrosser's script. 

Introduction to Madarasz's script

Advanced level class for 9 hours. We would dive into Louis Madarasz's writing and whole arm movement to have a playful time in writing. 

Artful Italian Hand

Beginner level class for 6 hours. Some writing experience is needed. 

We would spend time in learning an elegant script from middle age of Europe with flowy style. 

Introduction to Illumination

Advanced level painting class for 8 hours. Some painting experience is needed.

We would learn gilding with 24k real gold with instacoll, and make it with a perfect shinny and smooth surface to have the mirror effect. We would finish 2 initial letters with gilding in the class.

Graceful Flourish

Advanced level class for 5-6 hours. Some writing experice is needed. 

We would experience few different ways to decorate our handwriting by using dip pen. We could add simple drawing or oval shape flourish line to make our work more delicated.